Getting an earlier Driving Test has never been easier!

Cancellations Express is your driving success accelerator. Our relentless search operates 24/7, ensuring we catch that elusive earlier test date for you. Our automated system swiftly books based on your preferences, offering flexibility for ASAP needs or specific dates, we’ve got all bases covered. Choose up to 10 preferred test centers and receive instant updates via email.


1. Step One

Sign Up!

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2. Step Two

Pick a payment plan

  • Standard (£19.99). Choose date preferences. Pick any 5 test centres you prefer.
  • Premium (£24.99). Choose date preferences. Pick any 10 Test centres you prefer. Higher Priority/Faster Notifications – Choose Premium to get your test booked at lightning speed!


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Choose your preferences

  • Dates: ASAP or Specific dates
  • Test Centres: Any City, Any Test Centre within the UK
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4. Step Four

All Aboard! Cancellations Express is now ready to roll at Express speed to find you the perfect earlier date!

Sit back and relax as we find you an earlier Test Date at the Test Centre you prefer on the date you want!
Make sure your Email Notifications are switched on! (Check your spam/junk email just in case)


5. Step Five

Earlier Driving Test Found!

We have found you an earlier test, check your emails for your new booking confirmation and get ready to get on the road!

If you are not happy with the date/test centre chosen for whatever reason, no problem we will keep searching for you until you are satisfied!

Express Scheduling:

Secure your preferred test date effortlessly. We handle the hassle, ensuring you get the perfect slot at your chosen centre on the day you want, saving you time and stress.

Tailored Preferences:

Customize your experience by choosing up to 10 preferred test centres near you. We focus on your preferences, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your scheduling.

UK-wide Coverage:

We operate across the entire UK, that’s right, we cover every city in the UK! Ensuring accessibility and convenience wherever you are. No matter your location, Cancellations Express has you covered.

Rapid Response:

Experience unmatched speed with the fastest cancellation service in the UK. We're on the lookout every minute, tirelessly searching for earlier tests to fast-track your driving journey.

Instant Notifications:

Stay in the loop effortlessly. Receive instant updates and notifications as soon as we find a suitable earlier test for you. No need to constantly check or wait – we keep you informed.

Effortless Adjustments:

Life is dynamic, and so are your plans. Need to make changes? Contact us, and we respond immediately, ensuring your scheduling aligns seamlessly with your evolving preferences.

Hassle-Free Process:

Forget about constant SMS checking and notifications. We handle the entire process for you, providing a stress-free experience from sign-up to your new, earlier test date.

Dedicated Search:

Our commitment is unwavering. We're always searching, every minute of every day, to find the earliest test for you. Drive sooner with Cancellations Express.