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How it works?

Cancellations Express – Guaranteed to provide you with an earlier Driving Test at Express speed!


Sign up, pick a package.


Set your preferred test centres and dates.


Sit back and relax whilst we find you an earlier test.


Pass your new earlier test and hit the road!

Express Scheduling:

Secure your preferred test date effortlessly. We handle the hassle, ensuring you get the perfect slot at your chosen centre on the day you want, saving you time and stress.

Tailored Preferences:

Customize your experience by choosing up to 10 preferred test centres near you. We focus on your preferences, ensuring flexibility and convenience in your scheduling.

UK-wide Coverage:

We operate across the entire UK, that’s right, we cover every city in the UK! Ensuring accessibility and convenience wherever you are. No matter your location, Cancellations Express has you covered.

Rapid Response:

Experience unmatched speed with the fastest cancellation service in the UK. We're on the lookout every minute, tirelessly searching for earlier tests to fast-track your driving journey.

Instant Notifications:

Stay in the loop effortlessly. Receive instant updates and notifications as soon as we find a suitable earlier test for you. No need to constantly check or wait – we keep you informed.

Effortless Adjustments:

Life is dynamic, and so are your plans. Need to make changes? Contact us, and we respond immediately, ensuring your scheduling aligns seamlessly with your evolving preferences.

Hassle-Free Process:

Forget about constant SMS checking and notifications. We handle the entire process for you, providing a stress-free experience from sign-up to your new, earlier test date.

Dedicated Search:

Our commitment is unwavering. We're always searching, every minute of every day, to find the earliest test for you. Drive sooner with Cancellations Express.


What exactly Cancellations Express offers?

Cancellations Express revolutionizes your driving journey, offering a premium service that secures earlier test dates at your preferred centers. Our relentless 24/7 search ensures prompt results, allowing you to hit the road sooner. Our automated system aligns with your preferences, accommodating immediate needs or specific dates. With the flexibility to select up to 10 test centers as well as providing you instant updates via email, Cancellations Express empowers you to take control of your driving destiny. Join now and accelerate your success on the road!

Why do you need Cancellations Express for driving test cancellations?

Unrivalled Speed

Cancellations Express is the fastest cancellations service in the UK. Skip the agonizing wait – we secure driving test cancellations within days, not months, putting you in the driver's seat sooner.

Time-Saving Power

Our Customers save time of between 4 to 5 months on average with our service. We eliminate the tedious waiting game, getting you behind the wheel swiftly and efficiently.

Cost-Effective Solution

Why spend on endless driving lessons? With Cancellations Express, invest less than the cost of one driving lesson to secure your earlier test ASAP, saving you both time and money.

Reduced Stress

Constantly monitoring the DVSA website yourself can be long and stressful. Instead of spending hours manually searching for an earlier test. Our cancellations service automates the process, relieving you of the manual effort.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question about driving test cancellations? Read our Frequently Asked Questions about our service.

Step 1: Click “Sign up” at the top of the home page.
Step 2: Login to your new account.
Step 3: Select a payment plan.
Step 4: Enter your test centre/date preferences etc.
Step 5: Turn on email notifications, sit back and relax as we find your new earlier test date!

Standard Package = £19.99. Premium Package = £24.99

Yes absolutely! Once we find and book you an earlier test, you'll receive a confirmation email from the DVSA of your new test date.

Yes they will! No need to stress and constantly keep an eye on your phone for notifications. We will find you an earlier test at the date/time that you have set out via your preferences and your test will be automatically booked for you.

Yes of course! We find and book you unlimited tests until you are happy with the date/time of your new test.